Good news for our clients. We are happy to introduce Oxynergy Paris Excellence machine that provides the most popular Oxygen facial which is the favourite secret beauty weapon for many celebrities. Way does it became celebrity beloved one? It is the gorgeous non invasive anti-ageing treatment, which makes the skin look plumped-up, glowing and bright straight immediately after the treatment. No risk , no side effect and your skin will look ready to red carpet to go!

What is the Oxygen facial?

An Oxygen facial is a treatment when mixture of pure oxygen at a high pressure and anti-aging serum delivered through an airbrush to the face and body pumping oxygen and moisturizer into the skin. There are so many benefits which makes the Oxygen facial become your favourite skin booster treatment: Oxygen – increases the natural energy of our cells. On a long term basis does stimulate cellular renewal, for a younger, firmer, and more luminous skin. During the treatment client will inhale pure oxygen, that boosts energy levels, increases endurance during exercises, helping you to bounce back more quickly from physical exertion and provides relief from stress and pollution, also increases your concentration, helps to relax, and eases headache, strengthen the immune system.

All skin types and conditions –

The Oxygen facial can be used for all skin types and help to sort out many skin problems: smooth line and wrinkles, sagging skin, helps with acne problem (oxygen kills the bacteria),uneven skin texture, also helps in treating psoriasis and rosacea.

Combination with other Aesthetic treatments –

Oxygen infusion treatment can be combined with any beauty and Aesthetic treatment as it does not have any side effect. Oxygen Hyperbaric Mask can be used for faster recovery after strong chemical peels, Laser skin resurfacing, Medical Microneedling. Also it can be used after Botox® and Dermal filler injections, Rich Plasma Therapy provides high level anti-aging effect without contradiction with those treatments.

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