Hygiene is THE most important aspect of any beauty treatment. Maintaining a hygienic environment is an essential part of the treatment process as it prevents infection and the passing of germs from one client to another. The cleaning and sterilisation process must be exact and thorough for the clients own safety.

Typical beauty salon or Aesthetic clinic usually encounter numerous clients on daily basis who may be harbouring infection such as HIV, AIDS, HAPATITUS B or C and not even be aware of it themselves. Infection can be passed before, during and after treatment from client to client, from staff to client, or among staff themselves.

When you visit a clinic for advanced treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis or Mesotherapy treatments you should ask yourself:

1. Am I in a safe professional (and clean!) hands?

2. What does the clinic look like?

It’s pretty obvious but the first sign of an unhygienic treatment is an unhygienic clinic. If you’re sitting in the waiting room and notice dust and dirt that has built up on the floor on in the corners, the clinic owner clearly does not interested in investment in hygiene and cleanliness. Clinics that perform advanced aesthetic procedures should be spotless, as dirt is what causes spreading an infection. Just before you go the treatment room you can make a judgment by visiting the bathroom, the common place of spreading infection.

If you feel uncomfortable about the state of the clinic, then you should probably rethink your choice of clinic!

2. Has the equipment been cleaned?

The transmission of germs and bacteria on beauty salon equipment is disconcertingly easy. Nail salons in particular have recently come under fire due to the spread of diseases following manicures! What seems like a very simple and not invasive treatment can actually have severe consequences. The process of cutting, buffing and cuticle trimming can often create tiny wounds that make it easy for disease to be passed from one customer to another if the tools have not been cleaned properly in the mean time.

It is possible to transmit blood diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, warts or rashes. The use of foot baths especially have to known to pass fungal infection when not properly being cleaned. These diseases can be prevented by ensuring the equipment has been disinfected properly and staff using disposable consumables as much as possible. Having manicure and pedicure treatments in cheap, unhygienic salon you put your health under the high risk.

3. Have the tools been sterilised?

Some skin treatments require metal tools which are used multiple times. In order to prevent the spread of infection from one client to another these tools do not just need to be cleaned, they need to be sterilised. Certain dangerous viruses and bacteria’s spores can’t be removed just by cleaning and disinfections only. The professional process of sterilisation include cleaning tools under running water, disinfection in chemical substance (e.g. Barbicide) for a 30minutes and after sterilise in Autoclave for a minimum 15 minutes at 120 °C under the pressure or 20 minutes in UV steriliser.

Have you noticed that salon, when you usually receive your treatments follow this requirements?

Usually in the salons where Pedicure, Manicure or Microdermabrasion treatments performed for a many customer at the same time or clients go to the salon which offer coupons treatments therapists have a time just put their tools in the Barbicide even not washed it from the germs.

4. Why is the treatment so cheap?

Everyone loves a bargain, and most people would probably jump at the chance of a cheap treatment. However, before you do, you might want to stop and think for a minute. Why is the treatment so cheap? Will the salon be cutting corners anywhere? The chances are that a very low price means that the treatment won’t be everything it claims to be, and you certainly don’t want to risk being treated with equipment that has not been cleaned to the appropriate standard. In most cases a higher price will mean a better treatment and a cleaner environment.

The conclusion is that Hygiene and Safety are cost money!

So when you visit the beauty clinic remember to keep all these questions in mind. If you feel worried about how the tools have been cleaned then all you should do is ask. An experienced professional will be more than happy to explain you how everything is kept clean and why it is so important. Visit trusted and reputable clinics which have their client’s best interests at heart and you can have beautiful skin without the worry of disease or infection.

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